• 2021 Global Shoe Sourcing e-Series Agenda


    Live Daily In-Depth Webinar Series featuring footwear executives on sourcing and supply data, marketplace, trade outlook, and more

    New Global Shoe Sourcing Data and Analysis by Country and US & EU Marketplace Review

    This webinar covers in-depth sourcing data such as number of pairs made, cost per pair, and average duty rates from the top 10 shoe production countries. We analyze the growth, or retractions, and cover opportunities and threats with some shoe sourcing executives. Lastly, we cover the US and European markets (prices, sales numbers, economic outlook) in order to help forecast demand in 2021.


    Global Shoe Trade Outlook 2021

    This webinar covers issues getting your shoes off ships, through ports and into warehouses. We also explore ways to shave off duty costs (FTZs, MTBs, Free Trade Deals) and what you may want to watch for in order to prepare for any new trade war costs.


    Optimizing Factories and Supply Chains

    It’s harder and harder to keep tabs on everything impacting your supply chains. This webinar gives you a great review of new tools you can use to increase transparency and optimize development, production, cost issues, opportunities to reduce returns, and intel to help you cover your blind spots through 2021.


    Executive Discussion on Production SWOT in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Bangladesh for 2021 and Beyond

    This webinar is a deep dive into the largest source countries for footwear. Shoe executives guide the discussion on notable impacts on production from workers, to material costs, to supply chain issues, as well as what they see playing out over the next 12 months in terms of sourcing shifts regionally. Be prepared for new challenges and be an early adopter of new opportunities.


    Wolverine Worldwide’s President of Global Operations, Mike Jeppesen, on Sourcing Outside Asia and Sourcing Strategy Over the Next Few Years

    On this webinar one of the leading sourcing executives globally shares insights into how the consumer is changing operations and its impact on production and sourcing strategies. We cover Asia, the Americas and Africa and how sourcing is proliferating and what sort of new strategy is needed to succeed in the age of scattered sourcing.



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