• 2023 FDRA Digital Shoe Sourcing Brief

    Thursday, July 13, 2023 // 1:00 – 3:00 pm ET

    We know marketplace dynamics are throwing the supply chain into new challenges this summer. This is a FREE zoom meeting to get line-of-sight from experts into current and coming costs, risks, strategy and insights you need as you keep making adjustments and decisions.

    This digital event is for sourcing, supply chain, and compliance executives, directors and professionals. Hear from experts and industry leaders discussing strategy and insights on topics including:

    • Sourcing Strategy: A look at higher production costs, risks and shifts inside China to enhance strategies
    • Production Shifts and Costs: New production and supply chain insights in Vietnam and into Bangladesh, India, Cambodia and beyond
    • Supply Chain Costs and Outlook: Shipping costs, port congestion, and transit outlook for holiday 2023 and into 2024
    • New ESG Compliance Rules: Discussions on how to best comply with traceability, mapping and environmental rules
    • Trade Rules: How the war in Ukraine may continue to impact global sourcing and supply chains and new rules and regulations on trade
    • Tech: Technology and software companies are using to optimize operations and help make better choices

    Contact FDRA for more information about this digital event.

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