• Day 2: Footwear Sourcing Foundational Shifts

    Tuesday, July 28


    9:00 am EST — Global Trade & Regulatory Outlook

    Matt Priest, President & CEO, FDRA
    Thomas Crockett, Director of Government & Regulatory Affairs, FDRA

    Video launching at 9:00 am EST

  • 9:00 am EST — New Supply Chain Strategies to Lower Costs

    Kerry Rasmussen, Manager, Major Accounts, Farrow

    Video launching at 9:00 am EST

  • 11:00 am EST — Packaging Cost Updates and Optimization

    Ryan Gaither, Executive Account Manager, BillerudKorsnäs​

    Video launching at 11:00 am EST

  • 11:00 am EST — Shoe Waste and Recycling Handbook Drop

    Download Info Sheets (PDF)

  • LIVE! 12:00 pm EST — The Future Footprint of Footwear Sourcing

    Mike Jeppesen, President, Global Operations, Wolverine Worldwide

    LIVE! Video launching at 12:00 pm EST

  • 2:00 pm EST — Ensuring Exact Quality Control During Sourcing Shifts

    Jean-Marc Pedeboy, ROMANS CAD

    Video launching at 2:00 pm EST

  • 4:00 pm EST — Helping Factories Lower Material Costs

    Darren Glenister, CEO, Material Exchange​

    Video launching at 4:00 pm EST