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    And Away We Go

    Footwear Sourcing
    Foundational Shifts

    The Conversation Continues: Crocs, Compliance & COVID

    Lacing Up and Implementing Your Footwear Sourcing Strategy

  • 2020 AGENDA


    • Footwear Sourcing Due Diligence 101 – Clay Jenkins, Footwear Sourcing Consultant, CJC
    • Port Efficiencies Moving Products Faster – Dr. Noel Hacegaba, Deputy Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer, Port of Long Beach
    • Footwear Sourcing Info Sheets Drop: China, Vietnam (PDF)
    • WEBINAR: Opening Session and Global Footwear Sourcing Review – Matt Priest, President & CEO, FDRA and Gary Raines, Chief Economist, FDRA
    • Realtime Air Freight Capacity and Costs Analysis – Mike Piza, Senior Vice President, Apex Logistics International
    • Footwear Sourcing 2.0 - Flexible & Sustainable — Elias Gröndal, Co-Founder, FindSourcing
    • Footwear Power Rankings Info Sheet Drop (PDF)
    • Product Protection from Warehouse to Retail – Michael Hanrahan, Senior Vice President, Superdryer International Americas
    • Sourcing Strategy & Innovations to Consider Now – Noel Rix, Vice President, Global Footwear and Apparel Product Development, Deckers Brand


    • Global Trade & Regulatory Outlook – Matt Priest, President & CEO, FDRA and Thomas Crockett, Director of Government & Regulatory Affairs, FDRA
    • EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement Fact Sheet Drop (PDF)
    • New Supply Chain Strategies to Lower Costs – Kerry Rasmussen, Manager, Major Accounts, Farrow
    • Packaging Cost Updates and Optimization – Ryan Gaither, Executive Account Manager, BillerudKorsnäs
    • Shoe Waste and Recycling Handbook Drop: English and Chinese
    • WEBINAR: The Future Footprint of Footwear Sourcing – Mike Jeppesen, President, Global Operations, Wolverine Worldwide
    • Ensuring Exact Quality Control During Sourcing Shifts – Jean-Marc Pedeboy, ROMANS CAD
    • Helping Factories Lower Material Costs – Darren Glenister, CEO, Material Exchange
    • Footwear Sourcing Info Sheets Drop: Indonesia, Cambodia, Bangladesh (PDF)


    • Sourcing Shoes That Actually Sell – Gretchen Jezerc, SVP of Marketing, First Insight
    • Footwear Sourcing Info Sheets Drop: Ethiopia, Italy, Brazil (PDF)
    • Quality Issues that Will Emerge and How to Fix Them – Jeff Leake, Business Development, Quality Corrections & Inspections (QCI)
    • Factory Social Compliance in the Age of COVID – Donna Jelenovic, Vice President Product Integrity, Social Responsibility and Product Sustainability, Wolverine Worldwide
    • WEBINAR: Emerging Footwear Supply Chain Strategies – Erik Olson, Vice President, Product Innovation and Development, Crocs and Mary McNelly, Director of Global Logistics, Crocs
    • Designing Out Errors – Shane Griffith, Director of Product, Foundry Digital Design
    • Footwear Customs Insights and Strategies – Elizabeth Shingler, Manager, Tax, Trade & Customs, KPMG
    • 3D Footwear Production Insights from the Footwearists – Nicoline van Enter, Founder, The Footwearist
    • Footwear Sourcing Info Sheets Drop: India, Burma, Philippines (PDF)


    • America’s Closest Footwear Partner – A Conversation with the Mexican Footwear Chamber — Raúl Gallardo, Foreign Trade Vice President, Mexican Footwear Chamber, Daniel Sepulveda, Foreign Trade Manager, Mexican Footwear Chamber
    • Info Sheet Drops: Mexico, Dominican Republic (PDF)
    • Global Chemical Safety Regulatory Outlook – Sandeep Khatua, Global Technical Director, TÜV SÜD America, Inc
    • USMCA Implementation and its Impact on Sourcing — Anne Woelke, FTA Product Manager, Thomson Reuters
    • WEBINAR: Footwear Sourcing SWOT Analysis – Dan Friedman, Chief Sourcing Officer, Caleres and Joe Passio, Director of Global Footwear Development and Sourcing, Fila
    • Footwear Sourcing Info Sheets Drop: Germany, Belgium, Portugal (PDF)